About Me

Hi! My name is Ryan Iskenderian — but you can call me Dr. Ryan!


I am a cum laude graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2013. I am a certified Applied Kinesiology practitioner, utilizing a variety of muscle testing and energy field techniques that allow me to access the blueprint of deeper structural, chemical, and emotional patterns within our system. My beautiful wife Kat and I just moved to Scottsdale, Arizona after owning and operating a 5-star wellness center in the pacific northwest of Washington State, which we created from the ground up.


Working with hundreds of patients over the last 8 years, my curiosity of how each of our bodies express and store different patterns led me to a deeper understanding of how to best influence lasting correction in the nervous system.


I absolutely love engaging with people who are dedicated to their own well-being and I have a deep passion for sharing my knowledge and perspective with like-minded people and groups. Over the last five years, I have hosted many informative talks on health, nutrition, alignment (mental, physical, spiritual), and the art of connecting with oneself. 


As my knowledge and experience have deepened over thousands of hours of work, study, and play, my desire to share my gifts with the world has grown exponentially! I am currently working with patients full-time from a distance to assist with all areas of life, health, and spiritual transformation. I am excited to share the recent developments and success of my new work, as it allows us to achieve phenomenal results in a precise and simplified way.


I love to express my own alignment through yoga, music, and dance, while fostering a deep connection and love for the outdoors through nature walks and hikes as frequently as possible. It is my belief that finding ways to continuously play in life will absolutely help us move toward any desire we can possible fathom. I experience an immense amount of joy in connecting to the playful spirit of my own inner child, which can also be seen in my desire to genuinely connect with others through smiles, a playful attitude, and an open heart.

See my Testimonials page to see how I've helped others over the last 8 years!