How Dr. Ryan Can Help 

Dr. Ryan is extremely passionate about helping others access and express the fullness of their divine energy. Through the art of precise reflex testing and reorientation, Dr. Ryan is able to help unlock conditioned patterns within the nervous system. Through your sessions, you will learn how to best interpret the emotional framework, structural presentation and chemical composition of your OWN body, as it relates to the system of energy as a whole. Along with personalized breath sequences and the alignment of emotional response, Dr. Ryan will assist in facilitating a new set-point of communication between the brain and body. 

Dr. Ryan’s favorite questions to ask are, “Why?”, “Why now?” and “What does the body need / what can it handle RIGHT NOW?” Listed below are some of the more commonly addressed themes he's assisted his patients with:


✓  Resetting overly reactive patterns within the central and peripheral nervous system


✓  Connecting the energy and communication between the heart and brain


✓  Developing a new set-point to emotional triggers and bodily sensation


✓  Enhancing the brain/body connection as it relates to the present moment (feeling vs. thinking)


✓  Integrating potential energy within the autonomic nervous system (i.e. breath, movement)


✓  Understanding structural/chemical dysfunction as it relates to emotional congruence


✓  Finding new ways of interpreting the expression of each body’s energy systems


✓  Recognizing physical/spiritual/energetic disconnects and how to individually balance


✓  Identifying thought patterns and beliefs that may be hindering your growth and expansion


✓  Challenging the limited thinking surrounding health, healing and the concept of ‘self’


✓  Balancing the body’s energetic input/output to raise the vibrational tone and frequency

What is Chiropractic? 


Chiropractic is a healing modality which focuses on enhancing nervous system function throughout the entire body. This is primarily achieved through safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine or extremities, which help to allow optimal connection between your brain and your body! These adjustments can be performed in a variety of ways suitable to individual needs and preferences (i.e. manual adjusting, instrument adjusting devices, blocking for pelvic misalignment, etc). Each and every organ, muscle, tissue and cell throughout the body thrives on your nervous system operating at its best. According to Dr. Roger Sperry (Nobel Prize Recipient for Brain Research), “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” We are able to determine the best plan of care for you and strive to achieve both optimal movement and function throughout your body! 


What is Applied Kinesiology?


Applied Kinesiology is a technique that utilizes the art of muscle testing to assess and evaluate proper structural, chemical, and emotional health. Our bodies respond differently to patterns of stress, therefore it is of the utmost importance to understand exactly what you need to resolve the underlying tension within your body. The use of muscle testing can give an insight into how your body is compensating for and adapting to these different patterns, and can help identify ways to best improve your overall body function. Furthermore, we are able to better understand the connection between the musculoskeletal system and organ/glandular function, nutritional imbalances, emotional processing, and meridian patterns.

Please read some of our testimonials to see how Dr. Ryan has influenced the lives of hundreds of people over the last 8 years and learn more about his professional experience and education in the ‘About Me’ section. Dr. Ryan is passionate about helping people of all ages, and has personally worked with infants as young as 1 week and adults as ‘young’ as 93 years!