Personalized Self-Healing Tapping Sequences 

The intent for these sequences is to create and establish a sense of relief. Habitual patterns of resistance in particular areas in life can create tension within our entire being. This tension can then manifest into physical, chemical, and emotional responses in a variety of ways. Our entire energy field is seeking to find resolution of these patterns, so that we can allow our divine connection with source energy to flow through every aspect of our life. In turn, we are able to more consciously allow the unimpeded flow of creative energy, and tune to the frequency of our desires in any way we can imagine.

Each sequence will be listed with the desired category, the specific intention, as well as the recommended number of rounds for each.

Three sequences for only $30!

Distance Healing Sessions

As an intuitive healer, each individual session is highly personalized, so every client gets exactly what they need. I have spent the last five years fine-tuning a variety of techniques to trace specific patterns within the body, which include structural, chemical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This ultimately leads to finding the best way to facilitate your optimal state of balance.


We will identify precise ways that you can help reset and rewire your nervous system on a daily basis, through the use of specific advanced self-healing sequences, aligned intention, focused breath work, and dietary changes or supplementation if necessary. Every person is unique in that the winding and unwinding of stored patterns of tension (i.e. disconnections) can be expressed in a variety of ways based on how your nervous system is responding at that exact moment in time. My work continues to evolve through each interaction we have, as I become more aware of what works best for you.


Note: Sessions are offered through video chat or phone at this time.

Please fill out a consultation request form to learn more about the sessions and pricing options.

SPECIAL!! $50 off any new client session through the end of April 2020!!

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